Clinical Data for Better Survival

Chronic disease management
empowered by clinical data

Our Products

Healthy Habit Formation Apps

  • Medication adherence
  • Generated Feedback to any patient behavior
  • Telehealth and online services opportunities
  • Wearable and medical device connectivity

Clinical Cohort Data Models

  • Disease-specific cohort data models
  • Dynamic Form Interface for PC and mobile

Analytics Engine

  • Remote diagnosis
  • Drug Recommendation Decision Support

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Connected Devices

Partner Hospitals


Mycoach Health is a disease-specific digital health platform that empowers doctors to deliver healthcare from diagnosis to follow-ups.

It aims to provide the next generation of virtual care services that improve doctors’ productivity and offers chronic disease management.


Its analytics engine can support multiple disease-specific diagnosis data models to provide advanced patient management applications, including remote diagnosis, drug dosage decision support, and patient behavior feedback.


We are part of HKSTP and HK Tech 300, HK AI Lab seed/incubation programs.


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